Tuesday, October 17, 2017

You gotta be f**king kidding me....Can't even create their own holiday. Gotta take one from the "white man" and change it's name

Major US Holiday Renamed 'Malia Obama Day', Sparks Outrage  | by Charles Roberts

Many across social media expressed outrage after some began referring to Independence Day as "Malia Obama Day" in celebration of the former first daughter's birthday.
Popular hip hop star Chance the Rapper was the first to wish Malia a happy 19th birthday on July 4, declaring the day "Malia Obama Day" in a tweet.
Others quickly followed, with some Twitter users even using the "holiday" as a way of suggesting that it wasn't truly Independence Day for people of color.

"Independence Day doesn't count for us anyway...so for her birthday, I say HAPPY MALIA OBAMA DAY! God bless America!" one user wrote.

"Until this country treats people of color the same, it's national bbq & Malia Obama day," another tweeted.

Despite "Malia Obama Day" going viral, some felt it was a slap in the face to the people who fought for the United States' independence.

"Ridiculous and disrespectful. Independence Day celebrates this countries fight for freedom. This eventually led to the fight for freedom for all men. For blacks to set aside a treasured national holiday in favor of Malia Obama Day is a disgrace. What has this young tart done to deserve even the mention that it was her birthday. Nothing," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.
"What a joke. People celebrating the birthday of some they don't know personally. Someone who has accomplished nothing but graduating high school. Someone who didn't fight her way into Harvard but who's parents bought her way. They are celebrating someone who goes out to party on a regular basis. I will never celebrate Malia Obama because there is nothing to celebrate. Yeah she was born so was every else here on Earth. This has to be fake news anyway," another added.
The eldest Obama daughter reportedly spent her birthday in the Hamptons -- specifically, at Surf Lodge in Montauk, New York -- celebrating with a small group of friends.

"No one was drinking," a witness told Page Six.
"They were dancing and kept wanting to have the music turned up. It was crazy how normal and down-to-earth she seemed. People kept saying Secret Service was there, but they were very discreet. I don’t think people even realized Malia was there." The birthday gal was reportedly spotted talking with Surf Lodge owner Jayma Cardoso, as well as actress Rosario Dawson.
The former first daughter is set to start at Harvard University in the fall, after taking a gap year and interning in New York with Harvey Weinstein. 

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