Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sickening Video Shows Where Puerto Rico's Disaster Relief Went   10/18/2017  Source: AAN  by: AAN

A jaw-dropping video taken amidst the devastation of Puerto Rico shows the island's Secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marin, rummaging through box after box of untouched emergency rations left rotting in a dumpster.

The footage contradicts the narrative from leftists and one particularly ornery mayor that President Trump has ignored their plight. (RELATED: FBI Digging Into Puerto Rican Officials For Withholding Hurricane Relief)

Allegations that local officials were hoarding supplies and disrupting supply chains for short-term political gain have growing credence — even within some quarters of the mainstream media. (RELATED: Puerto Rico Leader Comes To Trump's Defense SLAMS Leftist Mayor)

But beyond that, the footage reveals something even more sinister: criminal neglect directly contributing to the suffering of the island's three-and-a-half million residents. (RELATED: Cop Says Anti-Trump Dems Are SABOTAGING Hurricane Relief Effort)

Marin revealed his office received a tip about mismanaged supplies at a distribution center in Patillas, where Hurricane Maria made landfall. What he saw was worse than he could have imagined. Pallets filled with prepared meals had sat neglected for weeks, long-since spoiled and infested with rats.

Perhaps now is the time to remember that San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz first lambasted President Trump for an allegedly poor relief effort only two weeks ago. The mayor spoke to a gaggle of reporters while standing in front of pallets of unopened supplies ready to benefit the people of Puerto Rico. People still in need. 

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