Image: James Henderson, Golden Delight Honey, – licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
Leave it to the federal government to make a costly mistake, obscure it for decades at taxpayer expense, and then try to claim it was a success.
In 2016, Johnston’s frankenia (Frankenia johnstonii)—a wiry, blue-green, roughly 1 to 2-foot-tall shrub with tiny oblong leaves—was taken off the endangered species list. The Fish and Wildlife Service’s endangered species database reports the happy plant was “delisted” because it had recovered
It seems strange that such good news did not get much attention, and that the Fish and Wildlife Service only put out a press release in the southwestern U.S.
The reason it was not more publicized is probably because the whole thing is a farce. The species did not recover—it never was endangered in the first place.