Saturday, February 23, 2019

Every once in a while an article like this pops up, AllI can do is HOPE....!!

FBI Agent Releases Indictment Evidence – Hillary Is In Serious Trouble   By Jake Wilson|February 22, 2019 

Hillary thought she was safe – but the ‘indictment’ shoe finally dropped.

Hillary’s doing her best to stay out of the limelight, but the truth just won’t let her get away.

Many Americans are still breathing a sigh of relief that Hillary did not win in 2016. Despite her repeated violations of the law, she was still nearly the leader of the country.

Trump supporters have been waiting forever to see her pay for what she’s done.

Now a new cover-up is being laid bare, and it could have derailed the 2016 election.


Former FBI General Counsel James Baker originally believed Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of highly classified information was “alarming” and “appalling.”

At the time, he believed her use of a private server to send the classified emails was sufficient enough to secure an indictment to possibly charge her for violations under the Espionage Act, for mishandling sensitive government documents.

Baker held onto that belief until shortly before his former boss FBI Director James Comey made the public announcement not to charge Clinton on July 5, 2017.

Baker probably wasn’t the only FBI employee who thought Hillary should be charged…until Comey decided to give her a pass.

“I thought that it was alarming, appalling, whatever words I said,” Baker said. “And argued with others about why they thought she shouldn’t be charged.” 

But Comey and others in the FBI urged Baker to believe that they couldn’t prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Clinton had intentionally mishandled the classified information.

But it’s not up to the FBI to prove intent. Their job is to prove a crime has been committed.

“What was her intent” is such a phony and made up requirement to charge her. The investigation into Clinton’s emails was a total sham.

Clinton lied to FBI agents, destroyed evidence and showed gross negligence in handling highly classified info.

But Democrats seem to get away with everything. Just look at the top leadership in Virginia.

Their Governor wore blackface, the Lieutenant Governor has been accused of rape, and the Attorney General also admitted to wearing blackface.

But they are all slowly getting away with what they’ve done. And so is Hillary, even though her crimes were so much worse.

She left our soldiers to die in Benghazi, her phony Clinton Foundation sold America’s uranium to Russia, and she has consistently proven to be a traitor to our country.

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Seeing her behind bars would be justice served so well.