Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How about we charge these illegals for the care, food and lodging they recieved when they showed up at our border unasked and unsolicited...? And...If jayapal feels so bad for them, LET HER PAY THEM...!

Dem. Jayapal Wants Government To Pay Reparations To ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Inconvenienced By Our Laws And Border Protections...

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said on Friday that the United States government should pay reparations to families that were separated after they entered the United States legally or illegally and faced immigration proceedings.

Jayapal appeared on MSNBC to talk about her interaction with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker during a House Judiciary hearing on Friday, where she asked him about family separations.

“Our country is still reeling from the horror of family separations that occurred at the border,” Jayapal said ahead of questioning Whitaker.

Jayapal told MSNBC host Joy Reid that the separations are “a heinous crime that has been committed on thousands of children.”

Jayapal slammed Whitaker for what she called a “dismissive” attitude and for saying that people have “a lot of passion” about children whose parents brought them to the border and an uncertain fate.


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