Monday, February 18, 2019

If it LOOKS like a snake...HISSES like a a snake.....IT MUST BE A SNAKE...!

Chuck Schumer’s Untold RACIST History Against Blacks
By Miranda Dawson  January 9, 2018

Democrats love to smear conservatives as “racists”.

Remember the lesson: Democrats accuse others of which Democrats are actually guilty.

A perfect example of such blatant hypocrisy is the racist past of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. He has always been one to call Republicans ‘racist’.
Look at how Schumer and other Democrats paint President Trump. Yet, until Trump declared for the presidency, actually more accurately become the presidential nominee, Democrats just thought of the man as a person who would never be president. Ergo, no threat to the establishment. 

Schumer and other Democrats attacked Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions. They called the man who destroyed the Klan in Alabama a ‘racist’. How’s that for irony!
You know where this story goes.
Conservative talk show host Larry Elder explains Schumer’s racist past.

Sen. Chuck Schumer's "Race-Card" Backfires!
(If the VOLUME is low on this, I raised it on my VIMEO channel: Larry Elder reads from a 2006 article in The American Spectator entitled, "Race to the Top" ( In the article we find out some interesting sides to the new Senate Minority Leader. And I am sure this info will become much more public now that the words of Sen. Schumer (D-NY) are in the troposphere.

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