Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Today’s BS-Free Insights from Robert Ringer
By Kelly- Feb 19, 2019
The Conservative Apologist Twitch
Though I rarely watch Sean Hannity anymore, I’m nevertheless grateful to him for unmercifully pounding away at the Dirty Dems day in and day out. That said, I am obliged to point out a habit of his that makes me cringe when I do watch his show. It’s his seemingly compulsive need to make apologetic, qualifying statements.

Example: Whenever Hannity starts to talk about corruption at the FBI, he immediately interrupts himself and assures his viewers that “This isn’t about the tens of thousands of rank and file FBI agents who are honest, hardworking patriots.”

Question: How does Hannity know that corruption at the FBI is only at the top? All FBI agents have power, and we all know that power corrupts. The only thing different about top-echelon FBI officials is that they have virtually absolute power, and Lord Acton clearly warned us about the danger inherent in such power.

If rank-and-file members of the FBI are so pure, where have all the whistleblowers been throughout the fraudulent Russia-collusion investigation? Certainly, there must be many rank-and-file agents who are aware of at least some of the corruption involved in this massive hoax.

Likewise, Hannity repeatedly says that 98 percent of illegal immigrants are “hardworking, law-abiding people who just want a better life for themselves and their families.” Question: What evidence does he have to back up such a statement?

But being fair to Hannity, he’s far from alone when it comes to this compulsive habit. Such qualifying statements seem to be ingrained in the apologetic psyches of a majority of conservatives. We all remember Malevolent Mitt’s reference to Barack Obama as “a nice guy” and Mush McCain’s calling him “a decent family man.” Question: On what did these two political jellyfish base such statements?

Even the great Laura Ingraham, a giant among conservative populists, had one of those apologetic-twitch moments recently when she said of Michelle Obama, “… for all of her beauty, her glamour, her obvious accomplishments, the former first lady just can’t get past race.” C’mon, Laura, there’s no possible way that you believe Michelle Obama is beautiful, glamourous, or accomplished.

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