Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New World Order Commemorative Glock....??? published...Sept....2013

Glock New World Order G17 Desert Storm NWO Commemorative Pistol Overview New World Ordnance
Published on Sep 25, 2013


Fun Gun Reviews Presents: "The Glock Pistol:  Why So Popular?" Glock is celebrating 25 years in the U.S and yet it is still one of the most Popular handguns for Law Enforcement and to the Civilian Shooter.. We talk about why the Glock is hugely successful.


Drake's Place said...

Glock puts out great, reliable products at fair prices. They have a good customer base. I was skeptical of them when they first came out, but they are a solid company. Good video clip, great find!

Defesa said...

Neutralização instantânea: nem as paredes salvam do fuzil de assalto ASh-12.