Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Anti-Gun Activists Can’t Stand That Armed Citizens Stopped The TX Church Attack
Posted at 3:04 pm on December 30, 2019 by Cam Edwards 

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
It’s been truly amazing to watch more and more gun control activists, anti-gun politicians, and pundits actually take the position that it’s bad that there was an immediate armed response when a man armed with a shotgun opened fire at a church in White Settlement, Texas on Sunday. I’ve already detailed some of the tweets from Shannon Watts and members of Congress bemoaning the fact that armed citizens stopped the attack within seconds, but since that original post there’ve been plenty of others who’ve let it be known that they believe it’s a bad thing that good guys with guns took down that attacker.

Writing at The Guardian, Joan E. Greve seemed a little disappointed that Second Amendment advocates may be on to something.

Every time the US suffers another mass shooting, gun rights activists make an argument that goes something like this: if a good guy with a gun had been there, this terrible tragedy could have been prevented.

That argument has been dismissed by gun control groups as an unrealistic suggestion that diverts attention away from the need to strengthen laws restricting firearm access, but a shooting that occurred over the weekend has now supercharged the “good guy with a gun” defense.


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