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Trump Has Major Government Mole Arrested – He Got Caught Passing ‘Top-Secret’ Intel To Reporters
By Adam Casalino|October 11, 2019

Trump Has Major Government Mole Arrested – He Got Caught Passing ‘Top-Secret’ Intel To Reporters

‘The Donald’ promised to clean up Washington – well he just did!

The swamp runs deep, my friends. But Trump just took another swamp dweller out of commission.

Over the years, plenty of sensitive information has been leaked to the fake news media. Why? Well, mostly thanks to deep state operatives who are “in bed” with reporters.

In some cases, that is literal.

Government agents don’t always do what’s best for the country. In fact, they let their personal and political agendas get in the way, big time.

But as each swamp rat tries to bit back at Trump, he is taking them out.

Including this one guy, who was spilling secrets to his girlfriend.

From CNBC:...…….

An employee of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency was arrested on federal charges that he leaked classified information, including details of a foreign country’s weapons systems, to two reporters in 2018 and this year…

Frese and one of the reporters “were involved in a romantic relationship for some or all of that period of time.”

Wow, talk about a big fat swamp rat! U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency employee Henry Kyle Frese was arrested for leaking information to two reporters.

He was caught red-handed accessing sensitive information from DIA networks, then handing it off to his buddies in the media.

According to reports, one of those reporters was romantically linked to Frese.

Ouch, dude. Was this girl into you because she liked you or was she after your access? I guess that all depends on if she’s still dating you!

As ugly as that sounds, it’s pretty common in D.C. Reporters go to great lengths for leaked info they can spin as a scoop.

And when I mean great lengths, I mean, they’ll do anything.

Frese helped his reporter allies by leaking critical information about weapons systems of foreign countries.

Yikes, this is not like the president’s favorite flavor of ice cream. These are serious pieces of information that can harm our government.

Not to mention our national security!

Why did he do it? Reports indicate he was motivated by politics. Probably a pretty face, too.

Sorry, Hank, but when to take that oath to serve, you gotta live up to it. Let this be a lesson to all the other swamp rats.

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