Monday, February 10, 2020

Gun owners in Kentucky made a bold stand for freedom on Friday when they converged on their state Capitol building in Frankfort.

Virginia Democrats Use State Police to Kick Public Out of Room After Passing ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban in House Committee  Feb. 7th 2020  By Shane Trejo

This is naked tyranny.
After passing an unconstitutional “assault rifle” ban through a House committee, the Virginia state delegation forced onlookers to leave the committee under threat of arrest, essentially stripping them of their 1st Amendment right to petition the government.

The shocking video of law enforcement stomping on the free speech of the people in attendance during the committee hearing can be seen here

VIrginia Capitol and State Police Eject Citizens from House Committee after assault weapon ban vote

Virginia House Bill 961 would effectively ban semi-automatic weapons as well as suppressors and magazines. The House Public Safety Committee only gave the dozens of activists who showed up for the vote Friday morning a combined total of five minutes to speak, according to the NRA-ILA.

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