Tuesday, February 11, 2020

We all knew... Virginia is the test, if it goes there, the rest of the country is in deep do do....

Is Nebraska the Next Virginia? Feb 8, 2020 NFOA

As millions of firearms owners looked to the 20k+ thousands of Virginians who showed up, peacefully assembled, and petitioned their government to protest against further infringement of their Second Amendment Rights, we all have sat back and looked at how one bad bill is pushed forward is followed by another. A Nebraska Senator – Senator John S. McCollister (R?) – has slyly been working to do the same in Nebraska.

Sen. McCollister has introduced Legislative Bill 816 (L, “a bill for an act relating to public health and welfare … to provide for dissemination of information regarding firearm safety and suicide prevention and require suicide prevention training; to require a certificate and provide for other restrictions on transfers of certain firearms as prescribed ….”

Does that sound like Virginia yet? If not, read on

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