Monday, February 10, 2020

SOROS spends SECRETLY to gain influence....BLOOMBERG does it out in the open....Trying to ruin Trump and trying to impement laws to outlaw GUNS.....research Virginia...

Dark Lord: Hacked Documents Reveal Magnitude Of George Soros’s Domestic Influence    By Aaron Klein  24 Aug 2016..BREITBART

Reviews of the more than 2,500 documents hacked from the servers of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations highlight the undue influence the billionaire financier exerts domestically, from attempting to remake the American electorate to successfully lobbying for changes in U.S. immigration policy to funding initiatives targeting local police forces.

While many of the documents spotlight Soros’s global network, focus on the hacked materials from his Foundations’ U.S. contingent begins to expose the many tentacles of the Democratic Party mega-donor’s operation and its deep impact over the policy objectives of the Obama administration, often utilizing a slew of U.S.-based progressive groups and activist organizations. The revelations in the hacked documents also raise questions about Soros’s future influence over presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, especially since the billionaire is one of Clinton’s top donors.

Remaking the American electorate

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