Sunday, February 16, 2020

I am so tired of OUR president and his people being investigated....SO HERE'S A UNIQUE bout democrats do the job they were elected for...things that directly affect the people. I don't think the object of their job is to continuously investigate the president and/or his cabinet or anyone who happens to be directly or indirectly associated to the president....Especially if the president is of the opposing political party. Their partisan objective is really OBVIOUS isn't it..??

Democrats Weigh Whether to Pursue New Investigations as Election Looms   Andrew Duehren 2 hrs ago

© mandel ngan/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

WASHINGTON—House Democrats are grappling with whether to pursue further investigations of President Trump following his acquittal in the Senate, facing both an election in nine months and fresh White House actions that they say demand scrutiny.

Democrats want to look into whether the president improperly influenced the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for a Trump confidant, casting Mr. Trump as emboldened by the end of the impeachment process. At the same time, party leaders are eager to focus on pocketbook issues for voters, such as health care, and Democrats are wary of launching another drawn-out fight with the White House that could backfire in November.

Job duties of an elected representative
As a House member you represent a certain district in your state. This means that you will stay in touch with your constituents and, hence, you will be more aware of their opinions and needs and be able to advocate for them in Washington. Also, one of your major job duties will be to raise revenue through taxes. Further, you will participate in committees to study bills, hold public hearings, get expert testimony and listen to votes so that legislation can be passed. Further, you might serve on a joint committee with Senate members.

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