Tuesday, October 7, 2014

 ABC News tracks the aftermath in the years since Colorado school shooting.
As federal law enforcement officials warn of a spike in “active shooter” incidents with schools as a prime target, a months-long investigation by ABC News has found that such plots are rooted more than ever in one of the nation’s worst school massacres, 15 years ago. At least 17 attacks and another 36 alleged plots or serious threats against schools since the assault on Columbine High School can be tied to that very massacre in 1999, when two seniors hunted down and killed 12 fellow students and a teacher before taking their own lives, ABC News determined. Check out all 53 Columbine-linked cases
Ten cases tied to the April 20, 1999, massacre have emerged in the past year alone, more than any other year before it. And this school year has already seen one such plot uncovered. 

For many of those caught up in Columbine, they begin to inhabit a world of fantasy, where they feel what many described as “a kind of kinship” with the Columbine shooters. And sometimes this fantasy turns into real action, with troubled youngsters seeking to outdo previous mass attacks.

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