Monday, October 6, 2014

Megyn Kelly Refuses to Cave to Angry Muslims, Because…
   The truth hurts sometimes, especially when it comes to the truth about Islam and its violent and oppressive history.
   When Megyn Kelly did a segment on honor killings and the treatment of women in Muslim countries on The Kelly File, the Muslim group CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, immediately came out to denounce the segment and demand a retraction.
   Kelly unequivocally refused to retract anything from the segment, saying, “Guess what, you’re not getting it.”
          Honor Diaries is a movie that tells the story of nine women’s rights advocates.

   Now, when you read the phrase “women’s rights advocates,” you might think it’s the kind of movie that liberals would truly appreciate. Sadly, we haven’t seen any evidence of that just yet.
You see, Honor Diaries is about the way that women are abused in countries dominated by Muslims. Therefore, the truth portrayed in that movie is politically incorrect.
   The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was none too happy with that segment. The group actually contacted Megyn Kelly and requested a retraction.
A retraction for what? Talking about a movie that accurately portrays the hardships that women endure in Muslim countries?
   Well, the good news is that Megyn Kelly is no wilting pansy. On her show last night, she notified CAIR, in no uncertain terms, that she’s not retracting anything.

   CAIR’s agenda is to go after anyone who speaks the truth about militant Islam.  They’re not interested in helping victims of the abuses of shariah law or honor killings.  They want political correctness, and they and the mainstream media cover up the violence against women that is rampant in the Middle East.
   It just goes to show that liberals obsessed with political correctness are more committed to protecting Islam than standing up for “women’s rights,” which is something that they claim is near and dear to their hearts.  Where is the real “War on Women,” and why aren’t liberals speaking out about it?

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