Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I don't know, why do you think this wasn't reported......1st two guesses don't count

will-campbell    October 8, 2014
NOTE: This shooting took place Sep 28.
A 17 year old kid from Florida (NOT Trayvon Martin) goes shooting into a nightclub and injures 15 people. You’d expect the gun hating leftist media would be all over this story BUT they aren’t. It doesn’t fit their narrative somehow. Why?
  1. Because it didn’t take place at a school?
  2. Because nobody was killed?
  3. Because the shooter was black?
I’m voting for #1 and #3. If this took place at a school, the MSM would be obligated to speak about it… at least I think so. Unless they want to act as if all mass shooters are white even though they aren’t (i.e. Navy Yard shooter, the kid at UCSB was half Asian, the Virginia Tech shooter, etc.).
But #3 has to be true too. This site,, is often called “racist” for reporting on these stories but here’s a newsflash, simply bringing up race doesn’t make you a racist. Avoiding stories because of race does… and that’s what seems to have happened here.

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