Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why are they being sent there ? Why is any American going there ? 3000 American sacrifices ???

Training Changes as US Troops Head to West Africa  FORT HOOD, Texas — Oct 9, 2014, By WILL WEISSERT Associated Press
About 500 soldiers are undergoing training at Fort Hood in Texas ahead of their deployment to West Africa. As many as 3,900 American troops have been authorized to go the region. They're working to contain and eradicate a disease that has killed thousands of people.
Some soldiers acknowledged apprehension Thursday about focusing on a deadly disease rather than combat or counterterrorism. But they also expressed confidence that if any troops fall ill, U.S. doctors can successfully treat them.
Trainer John McGuffin is helping prepare the soldiers. He joked about the equipment change, saying it felt like being the Michelin Man "or a marshmallow."

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