Monday, October 6, 2014

Article a few days old, BUT...........

Dispatch from Ferguson: “They’re going to burn the city down”By    Sept. 30, 2014

The unrest is beginning again in Ferguson, Missouri – not that it ever really ended.
     According to a story from the website of the Los Angeles Times entitled A tense Ferguson fears the worst is yet to come I excerpt the following:
A tense Ferguson fears the worst is yet to come
Beauty Town has an elaborate video surveillance system that displays 16 angles of the store, but the cameras are better at capturing crime than at preventing it.
The beauty shop has been looted multiple times since a white Ferguson police officer shot an unarmed black man Aug. 9. Last week, during another round of unrest on West Florissant Avenue, a group of young men broke the front windows and raided the shelves and cash register.
Owner Shawn Kim thinks 99% of the people who live around his shop are good people.
For the rest, he’s bought a gun. Just in case.

Obama will do what he usually does which will be nothing and the resulting vacuum of leadership will rapidly be filled by demagogues and race-baiters of the worst type.

Then there is the outside chance that a failure to charge Wilson will spread beyond the St. Louis area into an ugly explosion of pent up anger nationally. We could very soon have a situation similar to the late 1960′s and early 1970′s where race riots plagued the country. Mix in the growing discontent with a system gone rotten and the allure of religious fanaticism such as seen after last week’s Oklahoma workplace beheading and it could be the perfect storm.
Strange days indeed.   READ MORE

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