Monday, October 6, 2014

If they want to bring people with ebbola to the U S, take them to the White House for treatment and recovery, let obama personally greet them all

What Ebola Has Revealed About Us    Mark Davis | Oct 06, 2014  

Welcome to Dallas, where we begin the week wondering whether our Ebola Patient Zero will die, and whether others among our neighbors will then follow due to various failures in systems that should keep us safe.
Last week was an exercise in reverse psychological physics. The more officials at every level told us to shut up and calm down, the more we felt like yanking our kids out of school or packing up the family for a month in the mountains.
This is not a complete collapse of faith in our institutions; it is a bad moment in history for government’s protection batting average, compounded by just enough local bewilderment to elevate public nervousness.    View Full Article 

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