Wednesday, October 22, 2014

He's still playing the game..........

Schools Scoured in Search for Ambush Suspect
Police Barracks Shooting
With two possible sightings in four days, a man charged in the deadly ambush of a state police barracks appears to have moved out of the deep woods and into a more heavily trafficked area of the Pocono Mountains.
The sightings led to another round of school closures and a feeling among some residents that law enforcement is spinning its wheels more than five weeks into the massive manhunt.
Officials in the Pocono Mountain School District canceled classes shortly after 5 a.m. Tuesday, reversing course after saying the night before that schools would stay open. Wendy Frable, a district spokeswoman, said officials changed their minds because law enforcement wasn't searching on campus Monday night but had an extensive search presence there Tuesday morning.
"Our parents and staff are understandably concerned when they hear reports of possible sightings anywhere near schools," Superintendent Elizabeth Robison said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.
Authorities are looking for Eric Frein, 31, who's charged with opening fire outside the Blooming Grove state police barracks on Sept. 12, killing a trooper and seriously wounding another. The suspect has been described as a self-taught survivalist and expert marksman who hates law enforcement.

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