Friday, October 24, 2014

This is what we call capitulation.

Wendy Davis Attacks Her GOP Opponent By Saying He’s Against Dildos And Yes You Read That Right

wendy-davis By    October 21, 2014

It seems like just yesterday that Wendy Davis was saying something stupid in her desperate and failing bid to become the next governor of the state of Texas. That was when she suggested that her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, was opposed to interracial marriage.
Greg Abbott is a white dude who is married to a Latina.
Oh, wait. That was just yesterday. But apparently that wasn’t stupid enough so she decided to go for a two-fer.
She also suggested that Abbott is waging a war on dildos.
We had no idea that synthetic penises would figure prominently in a gubernatorial campaign in the Lone Star State, but it happened.
A press release that the Davis campaign sent out yesterday read as follows: “Texas Observer: ‘Greg Abbott: Dildos? Against ‘em. Interracial Marriage? No Comment.’”
To cut Davis a little slack, she’s actually quoting a headline from a newspaper article. However, we aren’t sure how that headline is going to sway voters to support her. Is there a significant fake cock voting bloc in Texas? Does she think that this strategy will help close her 15 point gap in the polls?
Then again, we could put on a psychology hat here. Maybe she’s just projecting.
Look, if her obsession with abortion isn’t going to get her any sway with the people in her great state, then it’s not likely that boasting about her support for fake male organs is going to help her score any points, either.
The fact of the matter is that this election was over before it began. All Davis is doing now is providing Republicans with more than a few laughs.
By all means, keep ‘em coming. No pun intended.

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