Friday, October 24, 2014

obama halloweenLiberals Irate After Seeing Obama Halloween Display
Richard Piersol’s front yard features a Grim Reaper riding an ATV and holding a bloodied machete. In front of the Grim Reaper’s ATV is the disembodied head of Barack Obama on a pike.
Although some liberals think Piersol’s Halloween display is racist, Piersol disagrees and says that his friends do, too. He says his display has nothing to do with race but is his way of expressing his dislike of President Obama and his policies. He added that some of his African-American friends have given him ideas to make the display even gorier, but he believes that would cross the line into
poor taste
The display is apparently popular in Piersol’s community. His neighbor is not offended by the display, and neither are members of local law enforcement, who said the display is not breaking any laws and is protected by the First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Some local police officers were even seen stopping to view the display and photograph it.
It appears that the only people offended by Richard Piersol’s decapitated Obama decoration are sniveling liberals. The Secret Service also reportedly said they would look into the decorations to see if Piersol is breaking any laws, but they have not commented further on the matter.

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