Thursday, October 23, 2014

White Privilege “Racism Insurance” Sketch Inadvertently Exposes Black Privilege

White Privilege Racism Insurance By    October 22, 2014
Every single day in America, we hear about “white privilege,” the notion of which suggests that white men and women hold some invisible advantage over black men and women. Liberals routinely use this notion of “white privilege” to argue that black robbers, thugs, murderers and villains deserve a break. They also use this notion to fascistly sculpt conversations and actions so that they do not offend the sensibilities of black people.
Enter “Racism Insurance,” a joke concept brought to us by the team that produced the comedic film “Dear White People.” The concept is extraordinarily simple to understand. Sometimes white people say things that offend black people, so perhaps white people need a special form of insurance to protect them.
     Thus we now live in a politically correct world where everyone (but especially white people) must always think about how their words and actions would affect black people, because the sentiments of black people matter over any and all else:

          We cannot ask black people where they are from.
          We cannot describe someone as black.
          We cannot question black belief systems.
          We cannot NOT have black friends.
          We cannot ask to touch black people’s hair.

Folks, Google defines privilege as “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.” Now riddle me this, Batman. What do you call it when one race is groomed to believe that it can use charges of racism to force everybody else to walk on eggshells?
Call me crazy (or racist), but I call that privilege! 

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