Friday, April 10, 2015

Al Sharpton's Race-Baiting Tactics Not Welcome in North Charleston Written by  Friday, 04/10/2015 
The family of Walter Scott, the black man shot by a white police officer in South Carolina, has sent a loud and clear message - they don't want Al Sharpton and his race-baiting circus descending on North Charleston like he did in Ferguson. And, considering the absolute chaos that Ferguson became, plus all the media lies, I can't honestly blame them.
The New York Daily News is reporting that Scott's family is requesting that the funeral be open only to close family members - though they did acknowledge support from Al Sharpton.
A source close to the family had this to say -
“We don’t want another Ferguson type of circus here."
This can't be easy for the Scott family to go through, and it's sad that they even have to address this at all. But with all the insanity caused by race-mongers seeking to cause all this mayhem, I applaud the Scott family in taking a stand. Their son is not a political prop - he's a human being and deserves to be mourned properly by his friends and family, not by an unruly mob.
(h/t Weasel Zippers)

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