Thursday, April 9, 2015

No, The NRA Isn’t Banning The Carry Of Guns At Its Convention   Posted by on April 8, 2015     

There’s an old saying that, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Presently, there is a bit of fiction sweeping through the media and left wing blogs pointing out supposed hypocrisy by the National Rifle Association.
The best we can tell, the lie seems to have originated with a woman who has become an expert at making fools out of the mainstream media, Shannon Watts of Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action.
Watts quoted some of an article in The Tennesseean by reporter Karen Grigsby that was factually accurate, if incomplete.
A multilevel security plan went into works not long after Nashville was chosen as the convention destination. All guns on the convention floor will be nonoperational, with the firing pins removed, and any guns purchased during the NRA convention will have to be picked up at a Federal Firearms License dealer, near where the purchaser lives, and will require a legal identification.
Here’s an example of this fake outrage from Dan Friedman in the NY Daily News:
The National Rifle Association wants guns at schools, but not its own annual convention.
The NRA has banned working guns from its annual convention this year in Memphis, Tenn., according to a report in The Tennessean. Instead the group will require the thousands of firearms displayed at the event to be nonoperational, with their firing pins removed to ensure safety.

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