Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lawmaker proposes allowing guns on public transit
Posted: 04.05.2015
A Missouri Republican lawmaker wants to allow firearms on buses and trains.
JEFFERSON CITY (AP) -- A Missouri Republican lawmaker
 is taking the debate on gun rights to cities with a proposal
to allow firearms on buses and trains.
The measure comes months after voters approved a
state constitutional amendment declaring the right to bear
arms is "unalienable" and that laws restricting gun rights
are subject to "strict scrutiny."
Republican Rep. Ron Hicks says his bill to permit guns
on  public transit could increase safety, despite concerns
raised by state public transportation systems that it could
do the opposite.
University of Missouri-St. Louis political scientist David
Kimball says support for the bill likely would be weakest
 in urban
 areas, where public transit is most common.
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