Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bobcat Catches Shark Off Florida Beach        Apr 8, 2015  By TRAVIS FEDSCHUN via Good Morning America

"Sharknado" may have met its match.
A photographer in South Florida snapped a shot Monday night of a bobcat walking along the beach at Sebastian Inlet State Park with a shark in its mouth, according to a report by ABC News affiliate WPLG-TV in Miami.
The photographer, John Bailey, told the television station he spotted the bobcat leaping into the Atlantic Ocean and dragging the shark onshore.
“Initially, it was pretty quick," Bailey told WPLG-TV. "Spotted it, pulled it up (and) the shark floundered for a while."
But the bobcat didn’t end up having shark for dinner. Bailey said he saw the bobcat dropping the shark on the sand and running off.
A spokesperson for the Florida Wildlife Commission, Liz Barraco, told WPLG-TV the agency believes the picture is real.
The agency posted on its Facebook page that biologists think the shark may be an adult Atlantic Sharpnose Shark, which can grow to a little under 3 feet in length.
The FWC also joked in the Facebook post, “There are no shark fishing regulations for bobcats. Just people.”

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