Friday, April 10, 2015

Obama Tries To Make Climate Change "Personal" - But Forgets One Important Thing
Written by  Wednesday, 04/08/2015
Obama Tries To Make Climate Change "Personal" - But Forgets One Important Thing     God bless Twitter.
The Daily Mail had an article in which Obama said that the climate change fight is personal to him because his daughter, Malia, had an asthma attack as a young child.
President Barack Obama this morning put a human face on the harmful effects climate change can have on public health - his daughter Malia.
While making the case that higher temperatures lead to increases in wildfires, which send allergy-causing particulates into the air that can lead to greater and more serious incidents of asthma, the president recalled his own child's run-in with the disease as a toddler.
'Well you know, Malia had asthma when she was four, and because we had good health insurance, we were able to knock it out early,' the president told ABC News’ chief health correspondent, Dr. Richard Besser, in an interview that aired on Good Morning America. 
Once Twitter got hold of the story, however, many of them pointed out something that's a little more realistic than Malia getting asthma because the climate's changing - Malia's dad is a smoker -

And The Daily Caller notes that Michelle Obama already said that Malia's asthma attack was probably caused by dust at a circus the family went to. But never let a good crisis go to waste, right?
(Oh, these lefties - climate change is an excuse for everything. Whether it's women forced to become whores or demanding we all become vegans.


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