Sunday, September 20, 2015

How the Feds Are Violating the 6th Amendment and Trampling Citizen Rights

             Most Americans don’t know the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights probably wasn’t covered in the civics class that they took (if they took a civics class) in their government-mandated and run school. So, the Sixth Amendment probably isn’t even on the mind of Americans these days.
But it should be.
The Sixth Amendment is the right to legal counsel when the government charges you with a crime and takes you to court. In a recent Medicare fraud case, the Federal government froze assets belonging to Sila Luis that had nothing to do with the alleged fraud. By freezing these “untainted” assets, the Feds essentially prevented Luis from being able to obtain legal representation because the Feds took the money that she had to pay a lawyer.
The Rutherford Institute writes that
“Luis’s lawyers objected to the proposed freeze asserting that any such order would interfere with her ability to retain counsel of her choice, violating the Sixth Amendment. They also argued that Luis’s right to due process would be violated if the freeze were based solely on the hearsay of confidential informants. However, the district court granted the government’s request to freeze Luis’s untainted assets, ruling that they were as much “contraband” as assets derived from the alleged criminal activity.”
Essentially, the district attorney said that, because Luis was accused (but not convicted) of breaking a law, they could take away all of her assets, impoverishing her, and keeping her from hiring her choice of lawyer. This would, of course, leave her dependent on government-provided legal representation (which sounds to me a lot like the fox watching the hen house).
The problem is that more and more of these cases of government overreach and intrusion are becoming commonplace. You had better be ready to disappear if you want to make sure that your family survives the ever-closer police state.

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