Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Think muslims are not out to take over the world ? Each of the following are cases where muslims are pushing to gain control. click "read more" below the break to see them all

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Atheist Dawkins calls out Muslim clock-boy 'hoax'
British ISIS terrorist furious over Arab culture
Palestinian kids aspire to 'blow up the Jews'
Authorities defend schoolboy's 'hoax-bomb' arrest
Islam expert: Did Quran come before Muhammad?
'Thought police' put bull's-eye on 12 media stars
Top women in U.S. media scourged in 'hit list'
Ahmadinejad rant: 'U.S. trying to arrest Muslim messiah'
U.S. schoolteachers bow to Allah, celebrate Islam
Muslim Brotherhood front slapped by federal judge
School snubs Christianity in 'be Muslim' assignment
Islam fatwas: Eating wife, toilet paper OK
Reposting criticism of Islam costs coach job
Iran: Saudi Arabia 'endangering entire Middle East'
Pushback: Peaceful Muslims called 'irrelevant'
The final rituals: Confronting Islam's demons
Top Saudi cleric: 'Burn all the churches' 

Mayor takes stand against Muslim Shariah courts
Mecca: Entering 'the most forbidden spot on Earth'
The story of a non-Muslim eyewitness in Mecca
Middle East caught in 'apocalyptic fervor'
Drink water, get hanged if Pakistani Christian
Muhammad cartoons in school textbooks?
Video: Islamic worship in Oklahoma capitol disrupted
This book predicted today's Mideast showdown
Muslim congressman to be booted off intel committee?
Claims of 'massive criminal fraud' for U.S. Islamic group
The word that motivates global Islamic jihad
Female lawmaker unafraid to slam 'Islamic savages'
Half-million U.S. women mutilated in barbaric practice
U.K. affirms ban on pro-Israel activists
Muslim rape-gang cover-up exposed
Franklin Graham to Obama: Muhammad killed innocents
Death threats against bold Egyptian president aired
High school holds 'hijab day' for students
Muslim world largely ignores call for 'revolution' in Islam
Muslims rally worldwide against free speech
Muslim woman told to remove hijab sues cops
Local police speak out about Islamberg
Muslim call-to-prayer on UCLA campus
'SNL' veteran grills Muslim protesters
Pelosi pick tied to Islamist 'front' group
Americans show in force at secret Texas Muslim event
Pelosi pick: Make U.S. schools like madrassas
Major Muslim nations on collision course
CAIR mourns for 'terror apologist'
Saudi religious leader OKs rape of children
Pop sensation angers Muslims with 'sexy' mosque photo
Bible-Belt city allows mosque after 1st rejecting it
'Zombie Muhammad' now objects to Star of David
License to kill: Pakistan's blasphemy laws
Expansion of Shariah into West hits roadblock
'Islamic Jew-hatred' ad gets judicial support
Imam insulted Christians, Jews in National Cathedral
NATO ally's president: Muslims discovered America
Rising number of Muslims reporting dreams about Jesus
Stone-throwing Muslims bloody Christians in Michigan
Canada mosque teaches 4-year-olds how to behead
Sharpton to headline Hamas-front fundraiser
Hannity to Islamist: 'If you shut up, I'll answer'
Top name in Norway for males a surprise
1,400 child sex-assault victims a 'small number'
Founding Fathers rip Obama's Muslim 'fabric'
U.S. mosque leaders try to chop off man's hand
Jihadists move 'from poisoned arrows to IEDs'
Hannity hosts epic battle over Islam
Obama adviser reasserts U.S. is 'Islamic country'
Law considered to protect nation from Muslims
Sheik issues 'fatwa' against ... soccer
'Moderate' Muslims back death for 'gays'
Arizona Muslim: OK for me to kill my wife
Big Media darling promotes wife-beating
Longtime Islamic antagonists drawing closer
U.S. Muslims demand Americans' private emails
U.S. taxpayers pay to teach Islam
Holder, congressman grapple over contempt charge
Minister's bond with jihad-linked mosque called 'danger'
Easter egg invite protested by Muslims
'10,000 schoolgirls' victims of U.K. sex gangs
You didn't know? Einstein was Muslim
General: Muslim Brotherhood inside Obama administration
School reverses CAIR-sought silencing of Christian
Happy Allah-day! Look who has Santa in bull's-eye
Clerics want U.S. 'ally' to execute blasphemers
Muslim columnist: Our textbooks ignore sanctity of life
Schools keep textbook that 'whitewashes' Islam
Closing schools for Muslims gaining momentum
DHS adviser: Tea party has 'Christianist xenophobia'
Saudis seek to gut U.S.-Iran talks
'WTF'? Terror front CAIR changes name � again
Stoning, terrorism defender keynotes D.C. banquet
FBI's rogue L.A. field office has Muslim mole
Muslims: We want schools closed on our holidays
Feds praise 'Islam's work for women's rights'
Look who's crashing 9/11 Muslim march
Marching Muslims now say they oppose 'fear'
Bikers to counter Muslim march
Muslims use schools to secure foothold in Europe

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