Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ted Nugent On Trump’s ‘Muslim’ Scandal: If Obama Is Christian, ‘I’m A Gay Vegetarian Pirate’   21 September, 2015 From UpRoxx:

Obama And Japanese P.M. Noda Hold Joint Press Conf. At White House
In the wake of any scandal involving Donald Trump, you can usually spot Ted Nugent waving a camo-themed pom pom on the sidelines. Nugent has championed his man for the Medal of Freedom due to Trump’s immigration stance. He also sided with Trump after Megyn Kelly dared to ask Trump why he made disparaging comments about women. Nugent wanted everyone to know he still nakedly watched Kelly while polishing his guns, although she was so “disappointing.” Nugent also said he supports Trump “because I believe in bold, aggressive, unapologetic truth.”
Nugent has also made no secret of his lack of respect for Barack Obama, so this newest kertuffle feels tailor made for Nugent input. Trump and his unapologetic truth did not correct a questioner who said Obama was a foreign Muslim. Trump has since said he’s not morally obligated to defend Obama, and Nugent agrees … in his own way.

  Ted Nugent    

obama is a Christian & Im a gay vegetarian pirate
There you have it folks. Obama is a Christian, and Ted Nugent is a tree hugger with an eye patch, so a wedding announcement may be coming soon. Who am I to argue with logic like that? Oh, and Nugent’s Saturday hunting session went well too. Good for him.

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