Friday, September 25, 2015

While the media obsessed over the Pope, look what Obama just did   Written by Derrick Wilburn on September 24, 2015            

The ability of this administration to do things the public would abhor in the midst of other headline-grabbing activities is second to none. Yesterday the Obama administration pulled yet another betrayal of the American public’s trust without the American public’s knowledge.
    While Pope Francis was in Washington smooching with the president and giving speeches about global warming, income inequality and the evils of capitalism (while being ominously silent about the persecution and slaughter of his Christian brethren around the world), the Obama administration released Abdul Shalabi from the Guantanamo Bay detainment center.
Who is Abdul Shalabi? He was Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard as well as having been one of several bodyguards for Kalid Sheik Mohammed. You know, the two blood-thristy, ‘death-to-all-Americans’ monsters who master-minded the worst terrorist strike on American soil in history that killed nearly 3,000 of our citizens in a day? Remember them?
Shalabi, who was captured by Pakistani forces in 2001, was once deemed (by the Bush administration) “too dangerous to release” but under the Obama administration has been repatriated by U.S. officials on Tuesday.
     An Obama military review board released a report that cleared Abdul Rahman Shalabi for release. Shalabi has been sent to Saudi Arabia where he will be placed into a “rehabilitation program” for militants. The review board said the effectiveness of the Saudi rehabilitation program was an important factor in its decision. The board also noted the detainee’s “credible desire” to re-integrate into society and participate in the rehabilitation program, but it “acknowledges the detainee’s past terrorist-related activities.” A statement that he was likely to still have sympathies to extremists was also made by the panel who recommended his release. Yes, you might need to reread that part.
Shalabi had been on a hunger strike since 2005 in protest of his confinement, at one point dropping to 101 pounds. Rather than let him die of starvation, prison officials actually fed him through a nasogastric tube for 9 years specifically to make sure he didn’t die. Why? We do not know.
   That Shalabi was released yesterday as the country was focused on Pope Francis’ arrival in the United States could well be the administration’s most blatant “Look, over there…squirrell!!” moment ever. The very idea that this man who worked side-by-side with Osama bin Laden can somehow be “rehabilitated” to no longer want to kill infidels, and, be rehabbed by the Muslim government of an Islamic nation – is beyond laughable. What does Obama think he’s going to do there now, train to become a valet? Take up needlepoint? Oh, I know, maybe open a bakery and make cakes for gay weddings.

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