Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trump explodes on Bill O'Reilly of Fox News   Claims bias: 'Fair and balanced my a--'


Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who’s leading the Republican polls for president, may have moved on from his very public spat with Fox News star Megyn Kelly, but he’s not gone very far. He’s simply moved down the hallway to accuse media bigwig Bill O’Reilly of “negative” treatment, too.
Trump wrote in a tweet: “@oreillyfactor was very negative to me in refusing to post the great polls that came out today including NBC. @FoxNews not good for me!”
The criticism comes on the heels of Trump’s open Twitter jabs at Kelly for the perceived attacks she launched on him about his past treatment of women during the Fox News presidential debate, as reported by WND.
That matter has cooled, but now Trump’s finding offense with Kelly’s fellow Fox star, O’Reilly.
“@oreillyfactor why don’t you have some knowledgeable talking heads on your show for a change instead of the same old Trump haters,” Trump also tweeted, the Blaze found. “Boring!”



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