Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This shows the amount of "RESPECT" America gets after obama makes his "Nuclear deal" with Iran. SURE, THEY CAN BE TRUSTED !!!

Khamenei: If U.S. starts war, we'll win

The office of Iranian Supreme leader Ali Khamenei has released a video that promises if there is war with the United States, the “invading and criminal America” will “leave the war arena defeated.”
The new video was noticed by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors the region’s media.
MEMRI said the video was posted on Khamenei’s Twitter account.
Under two minutes in length, it has English subtitles and prominently ridicules President Obama’s statement that the U.S. would not have a problem “knocking out [Iran's] military with speed and dispatch if we choose it.”
“House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World” conveys what the West needs to know about Islam and the violent, expansionary ideology that seeks the subjugation and destruction of other faiths, cultures and systems of government
Khamenei calls the statement by Obama “nonsense stemming from ignorance.”

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tsquared said...

With the current administration demoralizing our Army, not adequately funding our VA while throwing $450M to moslime refugees, and appeasing the imams there is little chance Obama would allow our diminished Army to fight a real war. There would be restrictions that would hinder our troops from returning fire or retribution if they spoke out about moral situations with our allies.