Saturday, December 19, 2015

I'm still looking to get some of that "WHTE PRIVILEGE". It sure keeps escaping me........

Policies To Combat “White Privilege” Make For Violent, Frightening Classrooms

 white privilege                              
 Policies aimed at combating “white privilege” have left teachers scared, parents outraged and classroom behavior that has gone from bad to downright dangerous.
In the St. Paul, Minn., public schools, the new disciplinary policy was developed to combat what liberal administrators thought was an environment that unfairly penalized black students – so they went the other direction.

Now students with severe discipline problems receive little or nothing in the way of punishment, the St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting. Violent or unruly students are only given short “time outs” to calm down then returned to classrooms.
There has been a dramatic drop in out-of-school suspensions and expulsions, especially among black students who in the past received the lions share of punishments.
The new policies were developed by the Pacific Education Group (PEG) and supported by a new superintendent, Valeria Silva, whose contract was just renewed at $213,000 per year.
PEG is convinced that schools in America are rampant with “white privilege” that negatively affects black students. To remediate this, they encourage lax punishment of disruptive behavior. From EAG News:

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