Saturday, December 19, 2015

White Cop Hit With 6 Separate 1st Degree Murder Charges For Shooting 1 Armed Black Teen   

 Last year 17-year old black teen Laquan McDonald was high on PCP, vandalizing cars, and running through the streets of Chicago with a knife. White officer Jason Van Dyke shot and killed McDonald when he ignored commands to drop the weapon and came at the policeman. In an effort to placate the angry black hordes, the state’s attorney initially over-charged the officer with 1st degree murder, but now that has been upped to 5 addition charges of murder. Yes, that is correct. This officer now faces 6 separate charges of 1st degree murder for shooting 1 drug addicted and armed attacker.

This is no bullshit. There are apparently at least 6 different kinds of 1st degree murder in Illinois and in the over-charging of the century, prosecutors are using them all on Officer Van Dyke for a single justified killing.

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