Monday, December 14, 2015

Mr. President, You Failed

News Anchor Makes Another Obama Rant..And This One Is Breaking The Internet..Posted 14 hours ago  by
Tomi Lahren is a blonde Internet sensation, and her newest video is going viral right now! The ex-anchor of “On Point” has gained serious popularity, and it stems entirely from her political views. She rose to online fame over the summer after uploading a rant about President Barack Obama’s policies in the Middle East. After the Commander-in-Chief’s recent Oval Office address, Lahren decided to deliver another righteous editorial in her video entitled, “Mr. President, You Failed.”
She summarized Obama’s position against ISIS as follows: ““Keep the hands of our armed forces tied, train moderates, open our borders, restrict guns from law-abiders and cuddle Muslims. Does that cover it?” Lahren then lambasted the White House for revealing that “Muslim sensitivity” is their “highest priority.” From behind her news desk, she furiously blamed the current administration for mishandling the challenges of terrorism and Muslim extremists. She accused Obama of over-embellishing the nature of Islamophobia in today’s society as a way to pursue “social justice.”
Next, it was time for Lahren to address the 44th President’s proposal to enact new gun control regulations in response to terrorist attacks in San Bernandino. “The day you convince Islamic terrorists to follow our gun laws, I will eat my words; until then, leave our guns out of it,” the host emphatically declared. One of her shining moments came when she vehemently uttered, “Guns don’t read the Quran and become radicalized; terrorists do.” She concluded by proving that Obama discourages whistleblowing while inviting terror suspects to the White House!

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