Monday, December 14, 2015

“Refugee” screening official asked about Syrian program; her answer is MIND-BLOWING  Michele Hickford,  on December 13, 

O.M.G! Just remember, this woman is entrusted with YOUR safety

Kelli Ann Burriesci is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Screening Coordination in the Department of Homeland Security.
A 1997 graduate of Binghamton University, Burriesci told her school’s paper last spring “I work on policies that facilitate the travel of individuals to the United States, the legitimate issuant of immigration benefits and policy that deters bad guys that threaten the United States.” In the same article, she touted her “preparedness” for being able to take up such a big role when it was offered.
   Last week, Burriesci appeared before the joint subcommittee hearing on “Terrorism and the Visa Waiver Program” to answer questions from co-chairman, Ohio U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan.
   Her role at the hearing was to answer questions about the review of Syrian refugees.
She couldn’t answer a single question. Not a one.
Take a gander at this little video and see if you can watch it without wincing (I personally could

After the excruciatingly painful Q & A, Jordan summed up his frustration (per BizPac Review) “Ms. Burriesci, I’ve asked you the number of American’s who’ve traveled to Syria, you don’t know. The number of Americans who may have traveled and returned, you don’t know. The number of Syrian refugees who’ve entered the country in the last year, you don’t know. The number of visa waiver program overstays, you don’t know. The number of visa waiver overstays who may have been to Syria before they came here, you don’t know. And the number of American citizens on the no-fly list and you don’t know. And yet you are the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Screening Coordination, Office of Policy, Department of Homeland Security in front of the oversight committee and you can’t give us one single number to some, I think, pretty basic questions?”
BizPac says, “she also couldn’t answer questions from Rep. Mark Meadows and Rep. Steve Russell. But it was her answer to a question from Rep. Trey Gowdy that really was an attention grabber.
Seemingly flustered by the barrage of questions she was unprepared for, she referred to the K1 visa program as the KY visa program.”
Generally, I try to avoid any rude references, but I’m afraid I simply cannot stop myself this time. Is her reference to “KY” a Freudian slip regarding how the American people are being forced to “take this” from the Obama administration?
[Note: This article was written in pain by Michele

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