Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2016 RACE ROUNDUP: Trump v. The RNC
Cortney O'Brien | Apr 13, 2016

Paul Ryan has spoken: He is most definitely not interested in being president next year. Donald Trump, who does want the job, is currently in a war of words with the Republican National Committee over what he sees as an unfair election process. Another battle is heating up in the Democratic primary, where Hillary Clinton is getting more and more defensive thanks to Bernie Sanders' relentless criticism of her ties to corporate America. She is also proving to be her own worst enemy, having to answer for a host of unfortunate gaffes and racial controversies.

Republican Primary

Donald Trump: A number of Trump’s rumored vice presidential picks raised eyebrows this week, considering the frontrunner has insulted most of them on the campaign trail. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, for instance, LOL'd at the suggestion he could be the business mogul's running mate. Trump and his team are still fuming over the Colorado GOP convention rules that left him with zero delegates. Katrina Pierson called the process a “pyramid scheme.” Trump himself has called the process “unfair” and during a CNN town hall Tuesday night, he accused the RNC of “stacking” the rules against him. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus denied that claim and asked Trump to “give us all a break.” Trump may have found a friend in at least one RNC member though. Randy Evans, who sits on the Rules Committee, suggested that they may lower the threshold and allow the GOP frontrunner to secure the nomination with just 1,100 delegates.

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