Sunday, April 10, 2016

Obama Has Creepy Spider Named After Him (Should be a snake)
The spider destroys its prey from the inside, after it injects its venom into the country prey.

Barack Husein Obama now has a creepy spider named after him.  The spider is called Aptostichus barackobamai.

This spider subdues its prey by injecting venom through their fangs, which operate much like a pair of hypodermic needles. Besides the paralytic action of the venom compounds, the spider regurgitates digestive fluids onto the prey to digest it, working more or less like a meat tenderizer. Once the prey begins to liquefy, the spider uses its jaws and pedipalps to further masticate its meal. The “meat ball” is then slowly imbibed by the mouthparts, taken in mostly in liquid form.  The Barack Obama spider destroys its victim from the inside.  How fitting.

      borrowed from    90 Miles From Tyranny

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