Many young Americans aren’t familiar with the laundry list of victims who have accused Bill Clinton of raping or assaulting them over the course of decades.
That’s due in large part to the media’s failure — or outright refusal — to talk about Bill’s troubling past, while his wife Hillary coincidentally makes another run to become President of the United States.
But would the mainstream media — consisting of hundreds of liberal “journalists” — sell their souls to protect Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming president by sweeping under the rug accusations ranging from “rape to groping to harassment” by her husband?

Mainstream media outlets have historically spun stories with liberal bias, and protecting a candidate who identifies with the liberal agenda wouldn’t be surprising.

Kathleen Willey (Sexual Assault)
Connie Hamzy (Sexual Harassment)
Juanita Broaddrick (Rape)
Eileen Wellstone (Sexual Assault)
Sandra Allen James (Sexual Assault)
Christy Zercher (Sexual Assault)
Yale University Student (Sexual Assault)
University of Arkansas Student (Sexual Assault)
Paula Jones (Sexual Assault)
Monica Lewinsky (Character Assassination)
Gennifer Flowers (Character Assassination)