Friday, January 29, 2021

Americans need to watch...your rights and civil liberties are in jeopardy...! Pay Attention...!

Tucker Carlson Breaking News Tonight 1/27/21 [FULL] | Fox News Today January 27, 2021

Name withheld to protect

Wake up America and face the facts that the Left Wing has declared Marshall Law without uttering the words. By having the armed National Guard still keeping guard over the Capitol, weapons ready, that IS Marshall Law.... They are the most unconstitutional "defenders of the Constitution" (give me strength) assholes I've ever seen in government and yes assholes because that is where they pick their brains..... Oh, and if you are part of the Republican Party, you are going to be labeled as treasonous, they same way they see their Republican colleagues on the Right side of the aisle. Please Watch Tucker Carlson 1-27-2021...

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