Sunday, October 24, 2021


CNN tried to destroy Devin Nunes.

Corporate media outlets like CNN hate that Nunes exposed their lies about Donald Trump colluding with the Russians.

Devin Nunes is about to show proof in court of this huge scandal at CNN.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Nunes filed a lawsuit against Esquire Magazine and reporter – and CNN on-air contributor – Ryan Lizza over a story where Lizza claimed Nunes family secretly moved their farming operation from Nunes home in California to Iowa.

Congressman Nunes had no stake in the farm and filed a lawsuit.

Recently, a judge allowed the lawsuit to proceed because Lizza tweeted out a link to the story after Nunes filed suit which the judge considered republishing.

In an interview with Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM radio Nunes described how Lizza stalked his family leading to a constant stream of death threats after Lizza published his hit piece.

“Hearst Corporation [sent] a known left-wing assassin out to attack and stalk my family,” Nunes told host Alex Marlow. “Since that time, my family has had nothing but death threats. These go back for nearly four years now, constant death threats, constant harassment, and Hearst is going to pay.”

Nunes claimed a jury would vindicate his position that Esquire refused to take down a false story.

“The truth is going to come out and we will get a jury trial, and a jury will see that this is clearly what happened. … [Esquire] never took the story down even though they had no basis to think that me and another congressman and my father were all conspiring to keep the existence of a farm — that I didn’t even own — a secret,” Nunes added.

“We had CNN — the very next day, within hours of the story coming out — show up out in the middle of the Midwest — far from anywhere, so they must have driven eight or ten hours, whatever it would be from Chicago or somewhere, wherever the local CNN establishment was — to stalk my family even further. This is just hours after the story showed up,” Nunes stated.

Nunes then explained how the lawsuit would expose how Lizza used his connections at CNN to harass his family including his 98 year-old grandmother.

“Then CNN shows up — at the time, [my grandmother] was 98 years old, she’s now passed away — stalking my grandmother out in California on our family farm, our original family barn, which is only a mile from my house. So clearly this was all concocted by [Lizza]. He had to have coordinated with CNN in order to get cameras out, because who goes out following a ridiculous story of a farm that a congressman doesn’t even own?” Nunes concluded.

One lesson many Republicans took from Donald Trump’s Presidency is that the media are really just a bunch of leftwing political assassins and liars.

Corporate members are partisans that do not operate in good faith and they should be treated like any other political opponent.

Devin Nunes was one of the Republicans that pickup on the true nature of the media’s hatred for Republicans, Americans that do not live in big cities on the coast, and conservative values.

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