Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Old....Do as I say, not what I do....!!

Biden coughs into his hand before shaking hands with event attendees  BY   OCTOBER 26, 2021

CNN reported, “President Joe Biden went to New Jersey to promote his economic agenda on Monday, amid a major week of negotiations with Democrats to pass portions of his sweeping, multi-trillion dollar agenda.”

“The visit offered Biden a chance to pitch both his plans — a bipartisan infrastructure package and a social safety net package — ahead of his travel to Europe for the Group of 20 conference and the United Nations Climate Conference,” the news outlet noted.

At the end of his speech, Biden can clearly be seen coughing into his hand then walking down the stage steps to greet the attendees with a handshake and some close face conversations.

Whether it was a cough or just clearing his throat, this clearly goes against current CDC guidance. There is no evidence of hand sanitizer being used or any other form of hand washing in the video.

Sean Hannitu @seanhannity
Biden Coughs into His Hand, then Shakes Hands with People

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