Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Joe Biden Vows to Take “Millions” Of Cars Off the Road  by Collin Rugg 6 days ago

On Wednesday during his visit to his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden pitched his “Build Back Better” plan where he vowed to take millions of cars off the road.

“We will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road. Off the road,” said Biden while discussing his radical “climate change” agenda.


Chad Gilmartin@ChadGilmartinCA

“We will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road. Off the road.” –Biden on his radical climate agenda

Read some of Biden’s comments from his speech below:

Both these bills are going to help us meet the moment on the climate crisis in a way that creates good jobs, makes us more economically competitive — $66 billion in passenger rail and freight rail.

Why (do) I always talk about passenger rail and particularly high-speed rail? You realize the Chinese are now building another high-speed rail line that will go up to 300 miles per hour? “You say, what difference does that make, Biden?

Well, guess what? If you can get on a train and go from here to Washington much faster than you can go in an automobile, you take a train, you take the train. We will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road — off the road, saving tens of millions of barrels of oil, dealing with cleaning up the air. This is not hyperbole; this is a fact. These are facts.

I remember riding the trolley. I lived at the end of the line, as they say, in Green Ridge, three blocks, the end of the line. Beyond the end of line with the dump, but Maloney Field was on the right and the Little League baseball field I played in was down the bottom of the hill. But the point is, it made to work.

Most people live in cities. You know, the vast majority of people now, working people, live in cities. Their jobs are out of town, no longer in town, no longer in town, but 65 percent do not own an automobile. They live in a Black or Hispanic neighborhood or a poor neighborhood, and all the time they waste trying to get to work.

Look, more than $7 billion to build out the national network of electric vehicle charging stations. The way my grandpop got up here, my Grandpa Biden who died in Mercy Hospital of an aneurysm when he was 46 years old, two months before I was born in Mercy Hospital — he was with the American Oil Company. He was up here opening up gas stations in 19 — that’s how he got here.

This was 1942 — late ’42. Well, guess what? The same thing happens. We build these charging stations, what happens? Communities build up around them. You get everything from the figurative McDonald’s or the Dunkin’ Donuts to the drugstore…

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