Thursday, December 18, 2014

"A Slap in the Face": Pilots' Families Balk at Cuban Prisoner Swap

Three South Florida families are upset after learning Wednesday that three of the men in the "Cuban Five" will be free and headed home after a historic prisoner swap. (Published Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014)
The South Florida families of pilots fatally shot down by Cuba in 1996 are speaking out against the Wednesday release of three members of the convicted spies known as the “Cuban Five” in a prisoner swap — among them one who had been convicted of conspiracy to commit murder over the shootdown.
"For the only person that we had responsible for what happened to be let go — it’s a slap in the face to my dad," Marlene Alejandre-Triana said at a news conference.
Alejandre-Triana's father Armando Alejandre, a Vietnam veteran, was one of four pilots killed when Cuban MiGs shot down their two small, private planes in February 1996 in international waters off Cuba's northern coast. They had been flying missions for Brothers to the Rescue, an exile organization that sought to aid migrants at sea and also dropped propaganda leaflets.
One of the agents known as the "Cuban Five," Gerardo Hernandez, had been serving a life sentence on a murder conspiracy conviction in the shoot-down.

Tempers Rise as Miami Reacts to Cuba Developments

[MI] Tempers Rise as Miami Reacts to Cuba Developments STORY & VIDEOS
Tempers flared Wednesday night from the Cuban exile community in Little Havana after President Obama announced changes between the United States and Cuba. NBC 6's Laura Rodriguez reports. (Published Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014)

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