Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vladimir Putin Vows That Russian Bear Won't Become 'Stuffed Animal'     

President Vladimir Putin launched a defiant and patriotic defense of Russia's relations with the West Thursday as he faced the public in his annual live televised news conference.
He said 25 percent of Russia's economic crisis — including its faltering currency — was caused by sanctions imposed following the annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region.

Putin said Russia was unfairly criticized for looking after its own interests, and compared his country to the United States. "To chop Texas from Mexico is fair, but when we make decision about our territories it is unfair," he said. "Do they want our bear to become a stuffed animal?"        
"We're not aggressive"
In a defense of Russia's defiance of NATO and the West, said: "Maybe our bear should sit quietly, not chasing any piglets around, but just eating honey and berries. Maybe they should just leave him alone? They will not. They are trying to put it on a chain. And as soon as they do it they will tear his teeth and claws out." M0RE & VIDEO

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