Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Man Lights Joint, Smears Own Feces on Walls of Upper Darby Police Station

By Kelly Bayliss 


Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014

Carlen Higgs is facing multiple charges following an incident inside Upper Darby Police Headquarters Sunday. 

Sunday turned out to be a pretty crappy day for an Upper Darby man who walked into Police Headquarters, sat on a bench and lit a joint, before being thrown into a holding cell where he allegedly defecated on the floor and wiped his feces on the wall.
Carlen Higgs, 33, was arrested Sunday morning after he arrived at Upper Darby Police Headquarters on West Chester Pike -- high on what officers believe was PCP -- demanding to speak with an officer, according Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.
He sat down on a bench and light a joint in front of a building security guard, said Chitwood.
Officer Karr took Higgs into custody and locked him in a holding cell inside the station. While inside the cell, he allegedly took off his clothes and defecated then proceeded to smear his feces all over the walls.
Higgs is being held at Delaware County prison after failing to post bail. He's facing multiple charges including public drunkenness, possession and disorderly conduct, said Chitwoood.

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