Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You can tell, I;m not a believer in what was described as happening in "sandy hook". No one wants to see dead children, except maybe members of " the religion of peace"

After just passing the anniversary of the "Sandy Hook School Shooting" I find the media coverage of this Pakistani school shooting disturbing.  The Sandy Hook "crime scene" was almost antiseptic.

We were told we Americans could not cope with the sight of a dead child, or a dead childs blood on the floor. Not even shell casings or pock marks in the walls or doors. Was Adam so good a shot that every bullet fired hit a body ? They were so adamant, that every shred of evidence was disposed of, even down to the secretive demolition of the building itself.

 I have never been a believer of this story in Sandy Hook, especially the way it was told. TOO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS !.......

Now cut to the scene in Pakistan. Blood all over, pooled on the floors, bloody clothes, dead bodies, bullet riddled walls, doors, empty shell casings, etc. Everything to show a horrific massacre. Does the media really think Americans "intestinal fortitude" has changed so drastically, so quickly ?

There were over 100 children killed in this raid, does the media think the quantity has made our stomachs stronger ? The fact the children weren't Americans supposed to make a difference ? Sandy Hook, Pakistan,



Inside Pakistan School Reveals Scale of Attack   Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014 Children were forced to watch as their teacher was burned alive': Survivors reveal horror inside Pakistan school as nine Taliban gunmen bomb and shoot to death 132 children

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Footage from inside the Peshwar school where Taliban militants killed more than 140 people — mostly children —  shows the extent of the destruction, NBC News reported. NBC News' Wajahat S. Khan was part of the first U.S. television crew allowed inside the military-run school. Inside the floors are streaked with blood and bullets have ripped chunks out of walls. Many children trying to flee were shot in the doorways of their classrooms; their bodies piled up, preventing others from escaping.
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